Bamboo blinds are among the most popular choice for many when selecting outdoor shades for their homes or business space. It is not just beautiful and visually appealing; it also adds personality and style. Since bamboo blinds are natural and eco-friendly, they are a great choice, and the good news is they are very durable and lasting. And most importantly, we want to thank you for being environmentally friendly! 

Bamboo blinds, although it is made of natural material, they still need our tender loving care. It is essential to keep them in good condition to serve you as long as possible. Here is some quick and straightforward guide on how you can maintain your bamboo blinds.

Step 1) Maintain a Dust-Free Bamboo Blinds

Dust and dirt can be easily collected over time as bamboo blinds are installed outdoor most of the time. Keeping it clean helps to prolong the lifespan and usage of your favorite shades.

Use a piece of dry microfiber cloth or feather duster to remove the first layer of dust. It is recommended to do this weekly or fortnightly to prevent the dust or dirt from settling in and became more difficult to remove over time. Alternatively, you can use a vacuum cleaner with a brush attachment to prevent dust from flying around and settling onto your other surrounding furniture. 


After removing the first layer of dust, the 2nd step is to prepare the following for detailed cleaning for your beloved bamboo blind. This step need not be conducted weekly or fortnightly. You can do this monthly affair or every two or three months once. It all depends on the condition of your environment.

Prepare the following:

(i) a bucket of warm water 

(ii) Mild Oil Soap used for wood cleaning

(iii) a sponge

(iv) dry cloth/towel

Add a small amount of oil soap into the bucket of warm water and soak your sponge in. Wring the sponge to remove excess water and proceed to wipe your bamboo blinds gently. Do not pour the soap directly onto the bamboo blinds. It is not going to help! After wiping, use a dry towel to keep the bamboo blinds clean and dry.

That’s all! Two simple steps to keep your bamboo blinds clean and lasting! You do not really need any special chemical solvent to keep your bamboo blinds clean and lasting! Have fun!

DISCLAIMER: While these are conventional and common DIY methods, the methods listed may not necessarily be effective on every bamboo blinds. So, it’s definitely worth calling a specialist before you attempt to remove it by yourself.