Bamboo blinds are made of natural material, and the word “bamboo” in bamboo blinds isn’t just a marketing term – it is a real deal! They are really made of bamboo! Bamboo has been widely used to make shades, and it is also available throughout Asia since ancient times! 

Bamboo is a great choice when coming to making shades because it is a really strong material to withstand rain or shine!

Why choose Bamboo blinds? Not just for its durability, bamboo blinds can enhance light as well as keeping the heat away. Bamboo blinds are made easy to maintain, install, and clean! Its natural element goes well with most types of interior or exterior design of your home! Bamboo blinds are like a piece of a good old timeless classic that never out of style!

1) Versatile in Design

You can choose from either using the natural bamboo colored tone or splashed it with a tone of your favorite paint color to match your home design easily! There are so many choices of the paint colors that you can choose from! Be it in natural bamboo colored or with your favorite paint color; bamboo blinds never go out of style!

2) Eco-Friendly Material

If you are just like us, we are committed to protecting the environment by reducing our carbon footprint; you definitely made the excellent choice to choose bamboo blinds. Bamboo is widely available, and it is a great material to make great blinds and shades! 

3) Low-Maintenance

Bamboo blinds are not just easy to maintain, but it is also very easy to clean! Lightly dust them with a feather duster or use a vacuum cleaner with a brush attachment. You can clean it either once a week or once a month, depending on your location. You can use a cloth or sponge with a bucket of warm water and a little vinegar for deeper cleaning. Wipe it and leave it to air dry. No special solvent is required!

4) Durable

Bamboo can withstand strong exposure of sunlight and heat, making it extremely durable. This material’s resilience makes it a perfect choice for using bamboo blinds as indoor or outdoor shades. If used for outdoor, make sure that your bamboo material is mixed with weather-resistant components and not just of its natural fiber. Some may add a PVC backing to prevent water or rain from getting into the house.

Ready for bamboo blinds? With its natural great qualities, you will never regret choosing bamboo blinds!